• About Fabric Chocolate

    We are a Hungarian family business, on the market since 2012.


    We have our very own signature design, making the bars instantly recognisable. The chocolates are hand made, with no artificial flavors or added sugar. We use premium chocolate from the world’s best plantations, and currently have 15 different bars, truffles and bonbons.


    Our mission is to create a fusion between design and chocolate, while keeping a sense of personal touch as well.


    We love what we do, and seeing people being enthusiastic about our chocolate, pushes us even further in exploring new flavours and experimenting with our bars.


    We are based in Budapest, Hungary. We just started building our international distributor base.

    You can buy a Fabric bar in Germany, France and Hungary.


    Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Bars

    Our famous bars, with the signiture Fabric look and packaging. Have an open mind! Definitley some strange falvours here. All made from the best ingredients from around the world, mostly handpicked from farmer's markets.


    Truffles with special flavouring

    We explore new truffles each week. Mostly for wine tastings or private parties, all hand made from the finest chocolate around the world.

    Unique orders 

    Gift boxes, chocolate sculptures, one off ideas.

    Oh, we love these! When we can really let our creativity soar, hopefully with a happy customer at the end. Hotel chains, weddings couples, worldwide  brands all order their chocolate gifts from us. You should too!  

  • Awards

    Our awards from the most prestigious chocolate competitions worldwide

    Academy Of Chocolate Awards

    Mexican 66% dark chocolate with cocoa bean tuile (bronze)

    Our first award came very early, in March 2015, after just 2 years on the market, we've received the very prestigious AOC Bronze, for our tuile chocolate.

    Great Taste Awards 2015

    White Chocolate with lemon and cinnamon (2 stars)

    This award made our Crema Catalana-inspired white chocolate bar the most succesful bar from Hungary at this year's Great Taste Awards.

    International Chocolate Awards

    East European 

    Mexican 66% dark chocolate with cocoa bean tuile (Gold)

    White Chocolate with lemon and cinnamon


    These two bars won their respective cathegories in the East European leg of the Internation Chocolate Awards, and moved on to the World Final...

    International Chocolate Awards


    White Chocolate with lemon and cinnamon


    ...where our White Chocolate bar won Bronze in it's cathegory, making it our most succesful bar to date. 

  • International Distributors

    We are expanding...


    Die Ungarische Leckerei


    Chocolism Chocolatier

  • Where can I taste it?

    Portéka Bolt


    1088 Bp. Krúdy u. 9

    Endorfine Csokoládéüzlet


    1053 Budapest, Papnövelde utca 2.

    Hungaricum Delicatesse


    1065 Budapest, Andrassy út  31.

    A másik bolt

    a másik bolt 

    Kós Károly tér 13. Budapest

    ChocArt Csokizó

    Kredenc Ajándék



    Várkör 69. Kőszeg



    Corvin Sétány 2., Budapest

    Herbárium Pálmaház


    Gödöllő, Martinovics Ignác u. 2/a



    1092 Budapest Ráday utca 56.

    Palika Kertje

    Pm Choco


    Debrecen, Bajcsy Zsillinszky utca 2.

    Hajós Deli

    Hajós utca 12. Budapest



    Kiskorzó tér, Szekszárd

    Míves Kredenc


    Rákóczi u. 16., Orosháza

    Zodette Csokoládébolt

    1056 Budapest Váci utca 44.

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